Bud Distributing is a wholesale beer and wine distributor serving southwestern Michigan. We provide service to licensed alcoholic beverage retailers in our distribution area. We’re proud to partner with on-premise and off premise, licensed alcoholic beverage retailers, to offer a full line of products to assist you in serving the needs of your customers.

It’s this partnership that drives us everyday. We’re lucky to have a team with over 300-years of collective experience in the industry and a portfolio of brands to meet and exceed everyone’s expectations. Whether you’re looking for a domestic, import, or craft beer, we have options to fit any opportunity.

Now through recent expansion we can bring you a house wine or specialty pour, from Australia to Baroda, Michigan and almost anywhere in between.

Our History

Bud Distributing’s roots go back to the 1950′s and through hard work and a family atmosphere has grown to provide outstanding service to southwest Michigan for over 60-years. We’re blessed to have a 4th generation of family working in the business, and they have the same passion for service and quality as the first.

Our 40+ year history with Anheuser-Busch gives us a great array of options and we’re always looking to deepen the portfolio to give our clients every tool they need to be successful.

Bud Distributing Wharehouse in Dowagiac, Michigan

Bud Distributing Wharehouse in Dowagiac, Michigan